Riana Development Network

By 31st August 2017

ADG 3 provided £2000 each for small-scale community and economic development activities to five diaspora initiatives. One of these was for Riana Development Network.

Where they operate:
Riana operates in the Nyanza province in Ndhiwa District in Kenya.

What they do:
Riana’s vision is to create a world free from poverty where people have the ability to live life to their full potential. The project – “Food security and livelihoods of small holder farmers through cross-breed goats” was initiated to reduce food insecurity among the local community; and address the lack of resources limiting the productivity and financial security of local farmers.

Their impact with the help of the grant:
With the help of the ADG3 grant, Riana was able to help 160 people directly: 38 women and youth headed households (with an average of 4 people per household) who are vulnerable as a direct result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and many local farmers. This was done through: the provision of goats to 38 households; improving the skills and practices of households and farmers on livestock development, and improving family nutrition and income for poor farmers especially women and youth.

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