AFFORD Diaspora Grants 1

ADG 1 (Africa-UK Influencing and Engagement Small Grants Scheme), pilot funded by Comic Relief, through CGI Phase 1

2013 – 2014

The grant provided £2000 each for activities that engaged policy makers to influence policy in Africa.  Included in the grant was also capacity-building support and mentoring for all grant-holders.


Cameroon Forum & Partners (ADAAM, TOSHPA, Salem Health Project)
Funded Project: Enlisting the African diaspora in Malaria reduction – Engaged African health professionals to develop inter-agency partnership with community organisations to deliver outreach service, education and awareness on malaria prevention.

The Global Native
Funded Project: Financing African Development through diaspora investment – Explored alternative approaches to development finance through diaspora investment by bringing the subject of diaspora investment into public debate, encouraging the diaspora to invest in community shares for development, among other activities.

Wheat Mentor Support Trust & Partners (BTHWC; The A-Connexions Global Village)
Funded Project: Educate a Girl Educate a Society (EGES) – Encouraged civil society and policy makers both in Ethiopia and in the UK to emphasise the benefits of higher education for girls in Ethiopia, address the barriers preventing girls from pursuing secondary and tertiary education, and put systems in place to make it easier for girls to pursue higher education.

WAM Campaign & Partners (Family Outreach Ghana; Me Firi Ghana)
Funded Project: Future of Ghana Forum: Charity Begins At Home? WAM… – Created a platform for young diaspora to engage decision makers on the contribution of the diaspora to Africa’s development; held fora for the Ghanaian diaspora and others to engage the policy community and decision makers around the diaspora’s contribution to Africa’s development, with a focus on diaspora volunteering in Ghana.

ENTRAIDE (Mutual Aid) & Partners (Diaspora for African Development; Chipo Musara Foweraker; Agnes Ngulube Holmes; Agric International Ltd.)
Funded Project: Rising to the challenges of African Agriculture & Food security – Increased collaboration between African individuals and organisations, and the promotion of progressive and informed debate that engaged decision-makers, aimed at enhancing understanding and recognition amongst policy-makers of the role the African diaspora play in the development of Africa’s Agriculture and Food Security