AFFORD Diaspora Grants 3

ADG 3 (previously ADG 1 for small-scale community and Economic Development) funded by Noel Buxton Trust

2015 – 2016


The grant provided £2000  for small-scale community and economic development activities to five diaspora initiatives

  1. Bunyoro Kitara Development Association equips women in the Masindi district, Uganda with skills in tailoring and hairdressing through training. The project will provide beneficiaries with basic business management skills, sewing machines and hair dress toolkits to start generating their own income.
  1. Diaspora Impact for Nigeria (DIFN) seeks to increase the potential of low income women in Ishefun, Nigeria to earn extra income by learning new vocational skills. The project will seek to generate an equipped social enterprise hub enabling women to collectively work together to create greater income earning potential.
  1. Himilo Relief & Development Association (HIRDA UK) works with a small number of local woman in Somalia with established businesses, empowering them to increase their incomes by providing loans and business skills. The project will also sustain and build on a revolving fund through which HIRDA supports local women traders.
  1. Riana Development Network is currently providing 24 households in Kenya with a breeding stock of goats as an income generating activity. This is in response to the food insecurity amongst women and youth headed households living in extreme poverty.
  1. WHEAT Mentor Support Trust (WHEAT MST) will continue to expand on Tsebiqiley Adigrat Gardening Project which seeks to improve the quality of life of 97 orphaned children and other people affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as promote healthy eating in the community by creating a green environment.