Entrepreneurs of the Month: Rakeb Sile and Mesai Haileleul

By 4th August 2017Success Stories


Addis Fine Art is a gallery specialising in contemporary African Art, with particular focus on art from Ethiopia and its diaspora. AFA provides a local space and an international platform for the promotion and sale of visual arts from Ethiopia, with the aim of increasing the visibility, international market access and securing sustainable careers of visual artists in Ethiopia and its diaspora.

Mesai Haileleul – With over 20 years of experience in dealing, curating and exhibiting Ethiopian art, Mesai has continuously aimed to create a presence for Ethiopian artists in international spaces.  Based in Addis Ababa, Mesai is part of the rapid change happening in the Ethiopian capital and has invaluable insight into the evolving cultural climate of Ethiopia.
Rakeb Sile – With over 10 years experience in business consulting and project management, Rakeb brings a wealth of commercial experience to Addis Fine Art. As an indigene of Ethiopia and a collector of Ethiopian art, she is well https://masterra.com/ versed with the context in which Ethiopian artists are cultural producers, transforming the mundane into nuanced and expressive works of art.

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